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You have received a newsletter with favorable prices for airline tickets to the country of your dream. The hand automatically presses the Buy button, the passport data is already entered… And in a moment, the cherished copy of the electronic ticket is already in your mail. But…What’s next? Where to run? What to do? Well, first, fully enjoy the excitement of your coming trip, and then proceed to plan. I share with you a list of useful resources needed for a successful trip. By the way, this list is also suitable for those who are used to planning their travels for the year ahead.

What do I use when planning a trip?

First, you need to know basic information about the country,  check out some lifehacks for must-visit attractions:

1. Wikivoyage – you can just Google the combination “wikivoyage + country” to get the fullest and newest info about the country you are going to.

2. Youtube videos – check out the country overview – pay attention to vlogs or professional travel programs.

3. Pinterest – search for “must visit places in …” or “must see places+country” – you’ll find a bunch of articles and travel guides.

Check out my personal board with the best guide selection for Thailand!

4. Lonely Planet travel guides – my best discovery in the last two travels! In a flight or on the road, you can perfectly deepen knowledge of the place where you are going to, highlight interesting places for yourself, and even find out the approximate cost of transfer from the airport (the most important is that the guide is as new as possible).

5. Accommodation: my recommendation to use Agoda or Booking.

6. – maps with travel guides and a bunch of lifehack and hidden attractions for almost any place in the world, composed by ordinary travelers like you and me. Use to find out where is the best sunrise spot or best veggie cafe! Don’t forget to contribute also!

Share in a comment what do you use for planning your trip!

A useful selection of applications for traveling to Asia coming soon!

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